The “JAG-model” Personal assistance with self-determination

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The “JAG-model” A description of how you can organise personal assistance with self-determination when you have multiple, severe disabilities and limited autonomy.

JAG is a national, not-for-profit association which works with issues related to personal assistance and anti-discrimination. JAG is also a not-for-profit co-operative personal assistance service users. The association was formed in 1992 by a small group of people who felt compromised when it came to living like anybody else, because of their need for assistance. They also had a hard time asserting themselves on traditional disability issues. What they needed was an association able to push for their issues.
The word “JAG” in Swedish means “I”. It is a reminder that we, the members of JAG, are subjects, individuals, and not objects of care. “JAG” is formed from the first letters of the Swedish words for Equality, Assistance and Inclusion, which are important aims for us to achieve.

All members of JAG have intellectual disabilities and limited autonomy. With few exceptions, we also have extensive physical disabilities. Most of JAG’s members have no speech, but express ourselves in our own very personal way. The nature of our disabilities presents a challenge to achieving user-control over the personal assistance we use. JAG has undertaken the difficult, but not at all impossible, task to provide user-controlled personal assistance to members through the JAG user co-operative.

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